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Yellow Dog Boarding Walking and Training

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Affordable, Reliable Dog Boarding Services

Affordable & Easy

With a simple and competative pricing strategy, we confident we can meet your needs whilst being soft on your pocket. We are always here for a chat if you have any specific requirments for your dogs stay with us

Idealic Home & Grounds

Your dog will be welcomed as part of our family, enjoying the home comforts of our large garden, running around in our orchard. Getting warm and cozy by our Aga or roaring wood burning stove

Happy Dog Guarantee

With various levels of service, from day care to long holiday stays, your dog will have our full love and attention. Excercised everyday with the odd treat, we guarantee they will be one happy pooch


- By appointment only.

Yellow Dog Boarding Walking and Training

Why Choose Yellow Dog?

Your dog is going to be your loyal best friend and companion. The more you understand each other, the more fun and trust you will have. I won't train your dog, you will with my coaching. This way you both train together with 1 to 1 support

Training Programme

We will start with the basics such as lead, stop and recall. We will then progress on to sit, stay, down or improve on what you know. We will work on any bad habits of jumping, guarding and so on

Training Prices


Puppies require a shorter period of time when it comes to training the basics, as they tire easier. Therefore we only provide a maximum of a 30 minute training slot at a time


30 mins

Adult Dogs

With adult dogs, longer session times of 45 minutes or more are appropriate. We limit maximum training sessions to forty five minutes, any longer than this, both owner and dog begin to tire

45 mins


Training Feedback

Brilliant place for dog training...Pete is one of the nicest blokes I've met and loves what he does and does it very well.....totally understands what you want from your dog and helps you get there



Can't recommend enough!! Pete's very passionate about what he does and this shows in every training session. Bailey has made fantastic progress and this is all down to Pete's knowledge, advice and hard work. Thank you!!



We Build Your Confidence

All of our training will be done in our enclosed paddock, free from distractions and a safe environment. We train with a positive reward method. You will be given homework to practice throughout the week. We will work not only on your dogs confidence, but yours also in training and commanding your dog during your training session and for your homework and practice

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